Success of Bollywood overseas

Mudit Arora
4 min readNov 22, 2020

India is famous for a lot of things; such as it’s food, culture, lifestyle, etc. One of the main aspects of India is Bollywood. As the name suggests, it starts with ‘B’ because of the city Bombay which is the film city of India. There are a lot of fun facts about Bollywood from relationship outside India to songs used in movies which makes the industry famous!

Bollywood movies are becoming famous all around the world since early 1920s, it has gained a lot of popularity since then. Apart from Bollywood, there are Tollywood and other Indian cinema but Bollywood is most famous around the world, movies are specifically made in Hindi language and shows the culture of India. Movies are not only shot in India but in other parts of the world like New York, London, etc. which depicts that Indians are culturally connected to other parts of the world too. Hindi language is very much famous after Mandarin and English, so it’s easy for the audience to understand the movie too. With this, some movies are also shot in India too, one of the marvelous example is ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in which all actors were Indians but it was directed by an American, hence it also won a lot of awards in Oscars.

As shown in the pie chart by CNBC, clearly depicts that Bollywood movies are famous around the world. Bollywood not only makes incredible movies but remakes a lot of Hollywood movies based on books Recently, ‘Dil Bechara’ a Bollywood movie based on the film ‘The Fault in The Stars’ was released. The book writer John Green appreciated how good the movie was and how the actors acted in the movie. In countries like US, there are sponsors which sponsor the films and earn profit. Countries like Pakistan, China, Poland, Afghanistan, Taiwan, Peru, Germany, Nigeria are really crazy about Bollywood movies, hence they are so much popular. Also, some films like Gully Boy, Lagaan, etc. were nominated for Oscars for best film and have won too. Not only Bollywood movies make a lot of profit all around the world, but it also impacts the perspective of people. Movies are specially made in a way that it gives a clear message to the audience. There are a lot of genres from Comedy to History, Horror to culture, Bollywood covers it all.

Another thing to notice about Bollywood is that the music and dance industry is also very famous due to movies, a lot of songs are used in movies for both entertainment purposes so that audience doesn’t get bored and to show the emotions what is going in the movie. Thus, music and dance dominate the movie. For example, if a movie shows intimate scene, the song and dance will last up to 3–4 minutes, whereas in Hollywood, it will show detailed intimate scene. One of the best examples of to show emotions, and feelings is from the movie Ae Dil Hai Muskil (2016) the heartfelt song ‘Channa Mereya’ was created. They played the song when the lead actress (Anushka Sharma) married another man instead of Ranbir Kapoor who was deeply in love with her.

Since we Indians have been listening to songs in movies so we are used to it and it feels boring if there is no song. For abroad, people also like the aspect that Bollywood movies uses a lot of songs and dance.

In conclusion, Bollywood is famous all around the world and people not only like the movies, but the songs, the culture too because of which it creates a vast impact on the audience.