Ideas to help Drupal promote GSoC/GCI

Mudit Arora
2 min readDec 4, 2018

Here are some ideas which should be taken up by Drupal to promote Google Summer of Code/Google Cod-In.

Social Media

Social Media is the best way to promote GSoC/GCI. Drupal can promote by advertising, making announcement about upcoming events, telling a short brief about GSoC/GCI and what type of tasks they give.

Also, it is the easiest way for promotion.

Regular Updates

On a vast area, it is not necessary that everyone knows about GSoC/GCI, many of them only knows by their friends. So, regular update is must, if something else like GCI/GSoC is coming.


It is one of the major factor. Drupal can create milestones for ’n’ number of tasks, by giving some small prizes to big prizes. Students participating in GSoc/GCI will surely enjoy.

Telling about the Benefits

Drupal should tell about the benfits/perks and the criteria on how they choose any Finalist, and Winner. What they can give as prizes. Also, what will be the benefits after participating in GSoC/GCI in future. This will attract people to participate more.


Take any of these, all of them are perfectly appropriate for promotion. Posters can be made for promotion of GSoC/GCI and spread throughout the internet.(link of poster that heads to Drupal Website) Create website, flyers, logos etc. The most important is the user-friendly and modern design. New students might get afraid if the documentation page, FAQ are hard to read or having an old design.

Writing blogs or newsletters is kind of same. Explaining all the benefits, telling all the necessary information. This can be spread through links on social media. Sending blogs to a particular community, and they’ll pass on, and hence the cycle goes on. Write interesting stories about finalists from previous years.

One benefit of this is idea is that it is almost free of cost. Just for promotion like on Facebook can be costly, but it will help too.

Motivate the Volunteering Mentors

The people who volunteer in the programs can be further motivated by giving prizes to the best mentor for Drupal etc. Acknowledging their time and efforts is important. Promote GSoC/GCI in Drupal developer documentation. If they have any tasks for students, please add them to GSoC/GCI.

The cost depends upon the type of prizes given and the transportation charges if the prizes are physical goods.


Promote GSoC/GCI in Drupal developer documentation. If they have any tasks for students, please add them to GSoC/GCI.

This task was completed as a part of Google Code-in 2018.

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